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Basic Plus Dialer - C1

$125/agent Unlimited Minutes for US 48 contiguous states

  • No hidden fees or surprises. All costs shown below
  • Telecom Minutes Included
  • Free email support (response within 24 hours)
  • Free Training Videos
  • Self Service Add/remove agents at any time
    - New agents are pro-rated for the next billing cycle
  • Self Service Local Inbound DID $10/mo + minutes
  • Self Service Toll Free DID $15/mo + minutes
  • Self Service 2nd Admin $10/mo
  • Owner has access to billing system
    - Ability to change auto billing settings
    - View All credit card transactions
    - View or enable email report for daily minutes used and totals
    - View and download all billable calls (call detail reports)
 - I authorize to withdraw above amount from my credit card.
 - I certify that I am the authorized holder and signer of the above credit card.
 - I certify that all information above is complete and accurate.
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